Entrepreneurial accomplishments

           Tyler is Founder, CEO & President at TeslaDuo Group Ltd, the new web's organization dedicated to life science & healthcare consulting, pharma trade & supply chain, online staffing / recruitment and Crypto advisory that deals with terchnologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence & machine learning, IoT & IIoT, additive manufacturing, AR & VR & robotics. Tesla Duo Group Ltd is also interested in non-profit activities (philanthropy & charity) and its network of professionals grows stronger day by day.

TeslaDuo Group - About

It is a search-driven & tech company and the headquarters of the entire group. It is responsible for the group-wide medium and long term strategy decision-making, and making progress towards a healthy globalization, as well as developing cutting-edge technology, and strengthening the entire organization foundations in terms of next-gen leadership development.

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TeslaDuo Group Management Philosophy


A world filled with opportunities for people of all generations and in all regions to aspire to even bigger dreams. As we are passionate about investing in people & in the future, we thrive we in a world in which people can directly determine the course of their own life. A sustainable, rich, and fulfilling world in which everyone has countless chances for a fresh start.


The TeslaDuo Group Way

Creation of New Value

Generate new value to respond to society's growing needs, predicting and boldly tackling the challenges that come with the constantly changing times.

Contributions to Society

Contribute to society through all of our corporate activities, aspiring to realize a sustainable, rich, and fulfilling world.

Respect for All Individuals

Respect each individual. Based on mutual respect and high expectations for the ambition and potential of every employee, provide support for individuals to allow them to fully apply their energies.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Corporate Philanthropy

Seeking a sustainable world of plenty, we contribute to society through all of our corporate activities. To do this, we take a long-term view in addressing social issues, committing ourselves to our policies, initiatives, and to environment sustainability.

We connect and inform sustainability, development, health, technology, and humanitarian professionals through news, business intelligence, and funding & career opportunities so they can do more good for more people, especially needy children.

Three:Four Foundations

We promote CSR activities based on our 4 Core Policies4 Core Initiatives, and 4 Environmental Sustainability.

In collaboration with our stakeholder, as philanthropreneurs, we want to respond to societal problems by investing in non-profits, using their capital, expertise and network assets.


Message from the CEO

TeslaDuo Group: In the Business of Contributing to Society

The TeslaDuo Group strives towards helping people to free themselves from dissatisfaction, inconvenience, and concern. That is the reason why we think it is necessary to ensure that our users are moving forward so we can evolve & elevate together...