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             Tyler I. Sainkoudje is a Doctor in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) with a Master of Pharmaceutical Science (M.S.) of Discovery, Development & Quality Control of New Medicinal Products.

2009 – 2010: Doctor in Pharmacy diploma

European University of Brittany – Rennes, France

Disserted (with honor) June 1st 2010 on: The analysis of the American New Drug Application type 505(b)(2) for innovative generic drugs registration and comparison with the similar applications in Europe and France

2005: Project Management certificate

Project Management Institute – Montreal, Canada

1998 – 1999: Master of Industrial Pharmacy on drug conception, manufacturing and analysis - European University of Brittany – Rennes, France

1992 – 1998: Complete PharmD program

European University of Brittany – Rennes, France


Validated optional certificates:

- Foodstuffs Safety and Environment - 1998

- Drug Pharmaceutical Design and Business - 1997

- Deepened Chemical Analysis in 1995

- Methodology in Cellular Biology - 1995

- Endocrinal Biochemistry - 1994

1991 – 1992: Technical Degree in Applied Biology

Technical Institute of Clermont-Ferrand, France

Academic Publications 
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