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                     Tyler I. Sainkoudje is a Doctor in Pharmacy with a Master of Pharmaceutical Science (M.S.) of Discovery, Development & Quality Control of New Medicinal Products, all from the European University of Brittany - France.

Tyler is an Entrepreneur & Internet executive with over 5 years of experience, including general management of several start-ups & a couple of small size organizations, corporate development, product development, business operations, and strategy.

He is Co-Founder, CEO & President at TeslaDuo Group Ltd, is an innovative & search-driven company that promotes technological innovation, sustainability, environment & humanitarian. Our model combines scientific creativity, technological ingenuity, systematic entrepreneurship, executive leadership, professional capital management, and a vast network of experts in a single entity that produces first-of-their-kind businesses. We are the principal founders, funders, and owners of our companies, taking responsibility for their long-term success by providing them with all the resources of our ecosystem. Tyler is thus a specialist in the following areas:

  • Life sciences (Healthtech, Biotech & Medtech) & healthcare

  • VR/AR centric metaverse / multiverse

  • Digital assets

  • Blockchain, AI, 3D printing in life sciences & healthcare

  • Digital innovation / strategy / transformation

  • Design thinking

  • Fintech

  • Impact Investing

  • Ethics

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you !

On top of his entrepreneurial activities, Tyler is also a Pharmaceutical Industry expert and a Regulatory Affairs Consultant (10+ years) in several global Top-10 pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, MSD / Merck, Roche Diagnostics, Novartis / Sandoz & Sanofi-Aventis, mainly in Regulatory Affairs.


He contributed to development & life cycle management of multiple medicinal products in multidisciplinary teams including R&D, clinical R&D, manufacturing, QC, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, medical/scientific affairs and marketing. He seasoned in all aspects of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs (quality, non-clinical, clinical, EU procedural and policy) in small & large molecules (biologicals & vaccines) and in medical devices (IVDDs, injectable fillers...).

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